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    The Car Refurb Centre are experts in all aspects of alloy wheel refurbishment. If you’ve recently had an accident that has left your vehicle with damages to your alloys or perhaps not maintained the alloys as suggested, we can step in to provide a suitable and cost-effective solution.

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    Alloy Repair Service

    Services range from metal polishing, wet painting and much more. This is great if you’re in the market for a full revamp of your alloys. It can also be perfect if you’re seeking specific services that perhaps haven’t been available in your area.

    Find our Alloy Repair service in Worcester and worry not while we take care of all your alloy wheel repairs while you shop!

    Example Alloy Wheel Repairs

    Kerbed wheels often happen as a result of parallel parking or busy narrow roads – typically damaging the outer edge of your wheels. We can professionally refurbish kerbed wheels and restore them to their former glory.

    Alloy wheels can also get scratched or scuffed from everyday use. We repair and refurbish scratched wheels to ensure they retain their original colours and functionality.

    We offer all these repair and refurbishment services with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. You have a choice between the manufacturer’s silver colours or other custom colours.

    Accident Repair Specialists

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